What's the Difference for Union Faculty?

What's our Union Difference at . . .
Brooklyn College?
Adam Kent, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Piano, Brooklyn College
I am represented by the Professional Staff Congress (PSC/NYSUT/AFT) at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music, where I've been teaching for the past few semesters. All the teachers in my department enjoy warm, collegial relations and work together to  develop policies we believe best serve our students' interests. I enjoy excellent personal relationships with my department  coordinator and the Director of the Conservatory and have never sensed an extraneous presence at the School. Where I do feel the impact of union representation is with my terms of employment. With just 6 hours of work a week, I'm entitled to an extra hour's pay for  “office hours,” and I am eligible to receive health benefits. The union contract also specifies plenty of notice about contract  renewals. What about the dues? PSC deducts 1% of my Brooklyn College earnings from my paychecks; thanks to the union contract, I'm making  over 30% more than most adjuncts teaching music at non-unionized colleges in the NYC area—a pretty good deal, I think.

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