What's the Difference for Union Faculty?

What's our Union Difference at . . .
Long Island University?
*A seniority clause which attempts to nearly guarantee the same courses to those who regularly teach them each semester.

*Raises equivalent to about 5% per year for more than fifteen years as well as an additional step scale for adjunct faculty who have reached the full professor rank.

*The LIUFF Benefits Trust was established in 2005 to help defray adjunct faculty members' health insurance costs if they had taught for years with 36 credits taught. Adjunct faculty members who have drawn on the fund have received as much as $5000.

*Adjunct faculty have access to travel and faculty development funds and also have the right to access to the protections of the grievance procedure if administration violates the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Michael Pelias, Adjunct Professor, Philosophy, LIU/Brooklyn
Member, LIUFF Executive Committee
We are entering another negotiation this year and some of our goals are to strengthen the seniority clause, create new lines that reward long serving adjuncts on full time non-tenure track lines, develop a system for paid office hours, have University contributions made to the pension, as well as make more professional development funds available to adjunct faculty. I trust this will help inspire those who are now organizing. It is crucial to have the protection of collective bargaining agreements during these very difficult economic times.

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