What's the Difference for Union Faculty?


What's our Union Difference at . . .
Marymount Manhattan College?

Adjunct faculty do much of the exact same work as our fulltime colleagues - extensive preparation for our classes, teaching, grading, helping students before and after class, staying current in our fields, engaging in research, scholarship, publishing, etc. The difference is that most adjunct faculty do all this for a fraction of the pay and without much of the financial and administrative support (i.e. health benefits, paid sick days, office space) which is extended to fulltime faculty. I teach not just because it's my job but because I love it. I've been at Marymount Manhattan College for two decades and I want to stay here for years to come.

I was one of many adjunct faculty at the College who helped organize the "Marymount Adjunct Collective" in 2005 and I then served on the union bargaining team for our first contract because I think it is important that all faculty are treated with a high degree of professionalism and respect. Pay is one manifestation of respect and I was proud to be part of a bargaining team that was able to negotiate a contract that increased adjunct faculty compensation 25% in the first year of the contract and included additional raises as well as longevity increases in the second and third years. Another significant focus of our negotiations was the creation of an adjunct faculty professional development fund. Now MMC adjuncts can apply for monies to help cover the cost of travel and attendance at workshops and conferences, something that will ultimately benefit our students as well.

Lisa Jo Sagolla, Adjunct Professor Dance, Marymount Manhattan College

Better pay and a professional development fund were but two of the many gains we were able to achieve because we organized a union. We believe the improvements won in our first contract will help the College continue to attract and retain the most qualified and dedicated adjunct faculty.

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