What's the Difference for Union Faculty?


What's our Union Difference at . . .
Pace University?

John Pawlowski, Adjunct Professor
Biology, Pace University
President, Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace
But in the few past years, I feel like I have practically earned the equivalent of another PhD on why it is so important that adjunct faculty have union representation. I have come to understand the exploitation of adjunct faculty is widespread at colleges and universities across the country. The huge gap between part-time and fulltime faculty salaries is problematic not just for the adjunct faculty themselves, but in that it devalues what we all do as teachers. Forming a union will not instantly solve all the problems that face adjunct faculty but it is the first important step in the right direction and will lead to improvements in working conditions, salary, job security and other benefits.

I'm an alumnus of Manhattan College myself (Class of 1968) and a former adjunct professor there. And as a longtime adjunct professor at Pace University (and now the president of the Union of Adjunct Faculty at Pace) I'm very excited that adjunct faculty at my alma mater as well as adjunct faculty and tutors at Manhattanville College will be having union elections in the next few weeks.  If any of you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at jpawlowski@optonline.net . Or you can call me at 917-237-5985. I would be more than happy to discuss the advantages of unionization with you.

To be honest, when the organizing drive started at Pace in 2004, I was not that interested in the union. My career as a scientist with the City of New York, Department of Sanitation, was very fulfilling and
rewarding. And even though I had been an adjunct at Pace University for almost 30 years, for me teaching was definitely a part-time job,
something I did because I enjoyed it, because I felt I had something to contribute, and because it offered a generous tuition remission benefit (which was not insignificant to me as a father of four).

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