Association Representing Teaching Staff
at Manhattan School of Music

Membership in ARTS-MSM

Membership gives teachers a voice in the organization which represents them at Manhattan School of Music. Membership affords faculty the right to make proposals for and vote on future contracts, attend open faculty meetings, run, nominate and vote for union officers, serve on or make proposals to our Labor-Management Committee, and be eligible for AFT-member benefits and discounts. Most significantly, membership conveys that we take our jobs seriously, the best means we have of securing better terms of employment in our next contract negotiations, which will start in just over two years.

The chief responsibility of membership is the payment of dues, which help us cover operating costs, engage labor relations specialists to provide counsel and assist in future negotiations, and cover our expenses protecting teachers against contractual violations. By arrangement with our affiliate New York State United Teachers, a flat fee of $5 – allocated entirely to building our local treasury – will be the total dues charges for the Fall 2014 semester. Then, starting in the Spring 2015 semester, a flat rate of 75 cents per hour will kick in. We strongly recommend you opt for the convenience of “Checkoff” (that is, automatic dues deduction where you give MSM permission to deduct your dues from your paychecks and send the monies directly to the Union). But, if you wish, you may choose to send payments directly to ARTS-MSM.

Click HERE to download and print out a ARTS-MSM membership form. Once you have completed the form you may scan it and email it back to , or fax it to 212-989-8154, or mail it to ARTS/MSM, c/o NYSUT, 339 Lafayette Street, Room 202, New York, NY 10012.

If you have any questions about the membership form, membership in general, or ARTS-MSM, please feel free to contact any us listed below or call the Union office at 212-989-3470.

MSM Precollege Division Teachers' Union Negotiating Committee

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