Union of Adjunct Faculty and Tutors at Manhattanville (UAFTAM) Organizing Drive

Dear Manhattanville College Adjunct Faculty and Tutors,

Many of you reading this email still have NOT received your ballot for the union election at Manhattanville College. Here's why:

Although the National Labor Relations Board mailed union election ballots on Monday, February 7, 2011 they inadvertently sent ballots to over 200 incorrect addresses. This was not the Labor Board's error, but Manhattanville College's error. The College provided the Labor Board with a set of address labels that contained incorrect cities and zip codes for voters whose last names begin with K through Z. Because we have talked to so many of you, we were able to alert the Labor Board to this huge problem!

We were very upset about this error and its potential to confuse, and even worse, disenfranchise large numbers of voters. So in an effort to minimize the impact of the College's error, here is what will happen:

On Wednesday, February 16, 2011, the Labor Board will mail another ballot to everyone whose last name begins with the letter K through the letter Z.

We encourage you to mail your ballot in as soon as you can, however, the new deadline for ALL voters' ballots has been extended from February 22nd to March 2nd. Remember, this new deadline (Wednesday, March 2nd) is the last date your ballot can arrive (not be postmarked, but arrive) at the Labor Board and still be counted.

If you've already mailed back a completed ballot, you're done! Don't worry if you get a second ballot in the mail your first ballot will count and you do NOT have to send the second ballot back.

We sincerely hope there are NO MORE PROBLEMS with the ballots, but if you have not received ANY ballot by this Friday, February 18th, please call the Union office at 212/989-3470 or toll free at 866/695-6225 and we will ask the Labor Board to send you (yet) another ballot.

In Solidarity,

Julie Berman, Daniel Esakoff, Christina Hilo, Sam Rasiotis
New York State United Teachers/AFT/NEA/AFL-CIO
55 Christopher Street, #2
New York, NY  10014
212.989-3470 or toll free 866.695-6225
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