Union of Adjunct Faculty and Tutors at Manhattanville (UAFTAM)

April 17, 2013

Dear MVILLE Adjunct Faculty and Tutors,

After some delays in bargaining due to a change in the Administration's bargaining team, we are hopeful that we are back on track for convening regular negotiating sessions and making progress toward settling a first contract with Manhattanville Administration.

Due to the resignation from the Administration's bargaining team of Mville's lead negotiator (Ruth Mack), there were some understandable scheduling delays and a need for the new lead negotiator for Mville (Professor Lenora Boehlert from the School of Education) to be brought up to speed. Last Monday we met with Professor Boehlert and then on Tuesday the Union's bargaining team held a negotiating session with her and the rest of Mville's team. At both meetings we made it clear that we expect to build on the progress and tentative agreements we've already made in negotiations. Both sides agreed that we hope to reach an overall tentative agreement on this first contract by the end of the spring.

Professor Boehlert wrote us today to tell us that her team is in the process of reviewing all the proposals and working up another proposal for us on wages which they expect to send to us later this week. We will fill you in when we get more details.

In other news, three years after their union election, the bargaining team of the St. Francis College Adjunct Faculty Union (a NYSUT "sister" local of the Union of Adjunct Faculty and Tutors at Manhattanville) recently reached a tentative agreement with the administration of St. Francis College in Brooklyn on a first contract. Soon SFCAFU members will participate in a ratification vote on this tentative agreement which we expect will pass with a very strong majority.

Some of the highlights of this contract include:

*Significant progress toward parity with fulltime faculty ("equal pay for equal work") which translates into wage increases in the first year ranging from 19% to as much as 41%. Specifically, instead of per-credit rates of $750 or $850 (for those with doctorates), SFC adjunct faculty will now earn $1010 per credit or $1160 per credit (for those with terminal degrees or 16 or more semesters of service) all of which is retroactive to September 2012. Modest increases will be given over the remaining three years of the contract so that by 2016 St. Francis College adjunct faculty will be earning between 1100 and 1150 per credit.

*Institution of more professional titles for Adjunct Faculty (instead of "Adjunct 1" and "Adjunct 2" adjunct faculty will now be classified as "Adjunct Lecturer" and "Senior Adjunct Lecturer").

*Creation of College-funded yearly pools of money so that eligible adjunct faculty can apply for monies to help offset the cost of health insurance and monies to attend professional conferences and workshops

*Improved notice for reappointment, “good faith” reappointments and eligibility to receive one-year reappointments for adjunct faculty after 12 semesters of satisfactory or better teaching.

*A system for professional peer evaluations (rather than one which is dependent on student evaluations).

*A fair grievance procedure ending in neutral third-party arbitration.

*Access to copying and supplies for adjunct faculty who teach at times other than normal business hours.

All of these gains were possible ONLY because of the active participation of SFC adjunct faculty in the bargaining process.

Which reminds us.... are YOU a member of the Union of Adjunct Faculty and Tutors at Manhattanville yet? If not, please complete and return the attached membership form ASAP. It's important for you to have a voice in YOUR union at Manhattanville. For more information about how you can help in the efforts to win a fair contract for Manhattanville adjunct faculty and tutors, email or call us at 212-989-3470.

In Solidarity,

Daniel Esakoff and Julie Berman
New York State United Teachers


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