Manhattan College Adjunct Faculty Union (MCAFU)

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12/01/2010Hearing Completed. MC's BOT Chairman Sheds Light on What Might Threaten College's Catholic Identity
11/16/2010Transcripts for the Labor Board Hearing Testimony
11/16/2010President O'Donnell to Manhattan College Adjunct Faculty, "Alea Iacta Est!"
11/11/2010In the News
11/10/2010Labor Board Hearing Update
10/27/2010Questions and Answers About Labor Board Hearing Day 1
10/27/2010Summary of Day 1 at the Labor Board
10/21/2010Labor Board Update

10/18/2010 – Letter from MCAFU Organizing Committee

10/18/2010 – "Dear President O'Donnell”

10/13/2010“A Sad Day for Manhattan College”

09/01/2010Letter from Manhattan College Adjunct Faculty Members -- Why We Are Organzing A Union


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