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Dear Colleagues,

The clock is ticking! You have probably received your ballot for the union election for adjunct faculty at Manhattan College. Just to remind you: On Wednesday, February 16th, a ballot (with a postage paid return envelope) was mailed from the Labor Board to your home address. Your completed ballot must be mailed back in time to be received (not postmarked, but received) at the Labor Board by Wednesday, March 2nd. Ballots will be counted at 10am on Thursday, March 3rd at he Labor Board offices in lower Manhattan. Call the Union office (212-989-3470) for directions if you'd like to attend the vote count. Additionally, if you have not received your ballot yet, please call the Union office and we will get in touch with the Labor Board to make sure they send you out a duplicate ballot.

The election, of course, is just the first step in this process and although we will be devoting significant time in the next few weeks to assuring that we have the highest voter turnout possible, we also want to start thinking ahead to when negotiations begin for the first contract for Manhattan adjunct faculty.

After the election there will be a call for volunteers to serve on the Bargaining Committee for the new union.  With assistance from the staff of New York State United Teachers, the Committee will prepare an initial set of proposals to present to the College's administration. It is important that these proposals be as complete and thoughtful as possible and that they address the priorities of the greatest number of adjunct faculty possible. We are asking each of you to take some time now to complete this survey. Please print out the survey below and mail it to us at MCAFU/NYSUT/AFT, 55 Christopher St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10014. Questions? Contact any member of the Organizing Committee or call the Union office at 212-989-3470. And, of course, vote YES for the union when you get your ballot!

On Behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Manhattan College Adjunct Faculty Union,
Dima Al-Awwad (Mathematics & Computer Science), Grigoris Argeros (Sociology), Martin Brock (Mathematics & Computer Science), Jeneve Brooks (Sociology), Neil Busuttil (Education), Marilyn Cvitanic (Fine Arts), Angelo Devito (Adult Degree Completion Program), Michael Ewing (Religious Studies), Stephen Finlan (Religious Studies), Jovita Geraci (Religious Studies), Emma Guest-Consales (Fine Arts), Seth Guinals-Kupperman (Physics), Jacqueline Guzda (Communication), Deborah Harris (Education), Holly Hepp-Galvan (Communication), Vincenza Imperiale (Mathematics & Computer Science), Christopher  Ingrassia (Mathematics & Computer Science), Gautam Kansara (Fine Arts), Barry Kendler (Biology), Andy Korall (Sociology), Karin Kram (Biology), John Kruth (Fine Arts), Eileen Langer (English), Melissa Laracuenta (Education), Radhashree Maitra (Biology), Marisol Medri (Mechanical Engineering), Marash Mernacaj (Mathematics & Computer Science), Stephen Oppenheimer (Chemistry), Sofia Rodriguez (Biology), Raj Pandya (Physics), Jacob Roesch (Fine Arts), Emily Elizabeth Sayles (Mathematics & Computer Science), Randolph Schutz (Psychology), Jingyi Song (Modern Languages), Andrew Taggart (English), Shawn Threadgill (Communication)

Please tell us how important the following issues are to you:

Wages and Other Compensation

1. Raising the minimum salary: ___more important ___somewhat important ___less important

2. Receiving across-the-board annual salary increases: ___more ___somewhat ___less

3. Receiving higher pay after a set number of semesters of teaching: ___more ___somewhat ___less

4. Paid office hours: ___more ___somewhat ___less

5. Employer contributions to TIAA-CREF retirement account: ___more ___somewhat ___less

6. Comments on Wages and Compensation_____________________________________________________________________



Professional Tools/Development and Administrative Support

7. Class size limits: ___more important ___somewhat important ___less important

8. Standardization of class minima (i.e., number of students needed for class to run): ___more ___somewhat ___less

9. Timely notification of re-appointment/course cancellation: ___more ___somewhat ___less

10. Funding for attendance at workshops/conferences: ___more ___somewhat ___less

11. Tuition remission (at Manhattan or elsewhere): ___more ___somewhat ___less

12. Office space: ___more ___somewhat ___less

13. Storage space: ___more ___somewhat ___less

14. Do you have access to the following at Manhattan ? (Check all that apply)

___Shared office space ___Shared telephone line ___Voicemail ___Shared computer ___Photocopier

___White board supplies ___Locked file drawer___Shelf space ___Basic office supplies

15. Comments on Professional Tools/Development and Administrative Support: _________________________________________



Job Security

16. Multi-year appointments: ____more important ____somewhat important ____less important

17. Grievance procedure to resolve disputes with administration and access to binding arbitration through a neutral, third party arbitrator if necessary?

___more ___somewhat ___less

18. Comments on Job Security______________________________________________________________________________



Health Insurance

19. College subsidized health insurance: ___more important ___somewhat important ___less important

20. Access to group rates: ___more ___somewhat ___less

21. College subsidized health insurance for family members: ___more ___somewhat ___less

22. Please mark an X next to any of the following statements that apply to you:

*I have health care coverage through Manhattan College ____

*I have affordable health insurance through another employer ____

*I have affordable health insurance through a spouse/partner/parent ___

*I am covered by Medicare____

*I have affordable health insurance through some other source____

*I do not have affordable health insurance ____

23. Comments on Health Insurance ___________________________________________________________________________


Background Information

24. Approximately how many hours per week do you spend preparing (researching, writing lectures, grading papers, etc.) for each course you teach?____

25. Approximately how many hours per week do you spend interacting with your students outside the classroom? (emailing, phoning, meeting in person) ____

26. How many years have you taught at Manhattan ? ____

27. Have you received any salary increases during your time at Manhattan (please detail)___________________________________


28. Do you teach part-time at another college or university besides Manhattan ? _______

29. If you answered YES to #28, where else do you teach? _____________________

29a. If you answered YES to #28 how does your Manhattan pay compare to those other jobs?
Please circle where you receive higher pay: Manhattan Other teaching jobs

30. Would you be interested in a fulltime teaching job at Manhattan if one were available?
30a. Tenure-track Y N Maybe
30b. Non-tenure-track Y N Maybe

Additional Comments

We have tried to make our questions and categories of questions as thorough and broad as possible. Did we miss something? Please let us know below. Also feel free to add any additional comments, observations, or questions you may have. Please feel free to include additional sheets if you need to (either for space purposes or if it is easier for you to use a computer).














Name ___________________________

Daytime Phone ____________________ Evening Phone ___________________

E-Mail Address _________________________________________________________

Would you be interested in serving on the Bargaining Team? ___________




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