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Hello St Francis College Adjunct Faculty,

The Adjunct Faculty Union bargaining team reached agreement with St Francis administration early this morning for a first collective bargaining agreement since the overwhelming majority of you voted for union representation a few years ago.

Here are the highlights (with more details to follow):

AL (Adjunct Lecturer)
2012-13 = 1010/credit or 3030 per course (up from 2250 per course, a 35% pay increase )
2013-14 = 1010/credit or 3030 per course
2014-15 = 1050/credit or 3150 per course
2015-16 = 1100/credit or 3300 per course

Senior Adjunct Lecturer (SAL) (by virtue of 16 or more semesters (2 in any given academic year) OR by terminal degree) An additional $50/credit
2012-2013 = 1060 = 3180 per course
2013-2014 = 1060 = 3180 per course
2014-2015 = 1100 = 3300 per course
2015-2016 = 1150 = 3450 per course

The School will issue checks with your retroactive pay on July 1. We maintained throughout negotiations that we weren't going to accept salaries that compare with salaries at other schools, but instead we wanted equal pay for equal work with full time lecturers at St Francis who are essentially full time adjuncts (no scholarship, no advisement, no committee work). We didn't get 100% parity with full time lecturers, but we got close to 60% of what those professors are paid to teach a class.

SALs and ALs receive $25/credit when teaching graduate level course.

Medical Assistance Fund (subsidies for those who pay for their own health ins)
2013-14 = 10K
2014-15 = 12.5K
2015-16 = 15K

Professional Development Fund (monies to attend conferences)
2013-14 = 8K
2014-15 = 9K
2015-16 = 10K

Class Cancellation Fee
$75/credit if course canceled 10 or fewer days before first day of semester
15% of course rate plus pro-rated for any class periods taught for course canceled after class begins
Pro-rate continues for any classes taught but percentage rises to 25% in Week 2, 50% in Week 3, 100% in Week 4 and beyond

Class Over Enrollment Fee
$50 per credit for over enrolled class

5K Life Insurance Fund (for all post-probationary adjunct faculty)

Year Long Appointments (after 16 semesters of teaching)

A Classroom Observation Policy

An Absence Policy

Grievance Procedure (ending in binding arbitration)

Union Security Clause (everyone pays dues or his/her fair share)

We're proud of the work we did to achieve this terrific first agreement. We're appreciative of the support you gave us to make this agreement possible. Please talk to us or call (212-989-3470) with any questions. More details will follow about the process for ratification. (In order to vote on this tentative agreement, you have to be a member. If you're not a member, please print click here, fill it in, and send it to the street address or fax number printed on it.)

More later.

In Solidarity, The St Francis College Adjunct Faculty Union Bargaining Team

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